An Elven Tale


An Elven Tale
 Crown: Curtain Road
Stylization & makeup: Silver Wolfie
Photographer: Norbert MAGIK

Sara (Larva) is a very talented designer. Her clothes are made with precision of a master. She made specially for this dress a beautiful embroidery which you can see on my chest. Even the photographer was amazed.

I used a wig from Asuna Yuuki cosplay from Sword Art Online. I photoshooted this cosplay already, but I will do it once again outside with Kirito and swords.

To the shoulders of this dress there is added a cape from a ethereal delicate fabric. On the back there is a corset binding. Dress is heavy but wonderful. It was inspired by medieval fantasy. As you can see the result is beautiful.

Dodałam link do mojego Tumblra by zapobiec kradzieżom zdjęcia. Co myślicie o tej sesji? Chyba jedna z moich ulubionych ^^

I added a link to my Tumblr to avoid stealing photos. What do you think about this photoshoot? It's one of my fav I think ^^

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